Mysteries of Egg Cave Wiki

Unhemn is a small four legged tan creature with large ears, a purple diamond on it's forehead, purple circles down it's side, and purple disks on it's tail.

The egg is tan with a large purple diamond on it.

Information About Unhemn Eggs[]

Unhemn eggs, when found in the Egg Cave, are rather hard to resist. All Unhemn eggs contain a jewel inset into the egg membrane. The gemstone is made up of an element (found on the Ark Periodic Table of Elements) only found on Unhemn eggs. After hatching, the jewel is the owners to keep. Don't sell it though, because all Unhemn have an unbreakable connection with their egg stone.

More About Unhemn[]

Unhemn, like their egg, have jewels, which come from a rare element, inset into their bodies. When the sun is shining, these gems sure do sparkle! Wow! Some, although most are immune, do crazy things after seeing Uhemn gems (collectively referred to as "ugems" by Ark citizens) like spontaneous dancing, unstoppable laughter, and random comments that have no logic. The cure is, oddly enough, ingesting elderberries found in the Eastern Jungles.


Unhemn takes 300 clicks to get to its first stage and 600 clicks to get to its second stage.