Mysteries of Egg Cave Wiki

Terron is a creature that looks like a dark purple bird.

The egg is purple with a lighter purple and black triangle at the bottom and black lines from the edges of the egg moving toward the center. It is thought that perhaps these eggs can only be stolen from The Cave at night.

Information About Terron Eggs[]

Terron eggs cannot grow or hatch with light exposure. If the egg is exposed to more than 30 seconds of light, the creature inside will die instantly. This is why these birds are so rarely found in Ark. Stay away from the light!

More About Terron[]

Terron sleep during the day and come out only at night (similar to that of a bat). And boy, they sure do soar the skies at night. And to humans, this is a good thing. An ancient legend tells that if a human were to look upon a Terron's illuminated body, they would become terrified and die of fear. No one has dared test this legend. During the day, Calla rule the skies, but by night, Terron. This is why stargazing is feared in Ark.


Only the first stage is known and it takes 5000 views to get to its first stage. It will have three stages, but now many views it takes to get to those stages and what those
stages are is unknown.