Mysteries of Egg Cave Wiki

Nipha are white tiger-like creatures with blue eyes and a peacock like tail, all in varying shades of blue.


Cathy, the Nipha that greets you at The Science and Research Center.

The eggs have the same patterning as the tail of the nipha, with darker blue in the middle and lighter blue on the outside.

Information About Nipha Eggs[]

Nipha eggs are peerless in that they have unusual metaphysical properties. For example, if you touch the darker, inner part of the egg, your hand (or any solid object) will go straight through the egg's cells! However, if you touch the outer portion of the egg (where the pigmentation is lighter), your hand can grip the egg easily. The Science and Research Center at Ark City has no explanations for these unique characteristics.

More About Nipha[]

Long ago, before the Fall (or "Second Drowning") of Ark, the isle of Ark was covered with permanent tundra and snow. The only species that lived at that time were Nipha. There were the four tribes of Nipha: Aan, Baa, Cen, and Daan. All harnessing their unusual metaphysical properties from conception, each tribe specialized in a form of bending the natural elements of Ark, which were Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Peace between the four tribes abruptly ended, when the Daan, possessing the ability to bend Fire, attacked and wreaked havoc on the other three tribes. War raged for 100 years and then came the Second Drowning which killed everything on Ark, including the War. Just two Nipha eggs mysteriously survived the Second Drowning, one male and the other conveniently female. To this day, the Nipha species only contains decedents from the Aan tribe and the Science and Research Center believes that Nipha today are very different from the original Nipha. Although they've lost their ability to bend Air, those engaged in pagan religions regard Nipha as "Gods of the Air."


Nipha take 300 feeds to get to their first stage, 600 feeds to get to their second stage, and 1000 feeds to get to their third stage.