Mysteries of Egg Cave Wiki

Mo are colorful green, purple, blue, and yellow birds.

The egg is green with purple, blue, and yellow feather designs. Mo eggs can be stolen from The Cave, but are very rare.

Mo Eggs And The Risks of Owning One[]

Mo eggs are, obviously, very shiny and just as beautiful. The main color on the egg is a beautiful emerald green. At the base of the egg, are three (3) golden markings while the top has a sapphire and violet wing-like mark. These eggs are so shiny that they sparkle even at night (without a light source)!

Mo eggs are, currently,

The Legendary Mo Egg

the most coveted egg in Ark; they are extremely rare. It is said that people will steal and kill for these eggs (literally!). Some Egg Cave users have been hacked into and had their eggs stolen.


Mo are heavenly, emerald colored birds that sing sweeter than a symphony or any human voice. Mo's beauty is thought by many to surpass all other creatures. Some people speculate that Mo are not of Ark, but of some other distant world, possibly another planet. Mo are also excellent parroters and can carry on somewhat lengthy intellectual conversations (forming their own thoughts and opinions); one never feels alone with a Mo. Mo like to keep warm and, as a result, enjoy being close to their masters. Mo can also travel long distances without stopping, so if you ever go on an adventure with a Mo, don't expect yourself to keep up!

Freshly Hatched Mo

First stage[]

In the first stage, Mo are small emerald colored chicks with two small golden feathers sticking out from the back of their heads. Their tiny, under-developed wings are streaked at the tips with the bright violet and sapphire feathers they develop in their final adult stage. They have a tiny bundle of sapphire colored feathers for a tail with a single, larger golden feather in the middle very middle. The eyes of a Mo chick are almost the same pearlescent blue of Eyleymo.

Final Stage[]

In thei

Final Form Mo

r final stage, Mo turns into a ball of fire and plummets down to the Earth and dies an instant death

Acquisition And Requirements[]

Mo eggs can be found in the Egg Cave very rarely. Many theories on getting Mo eggs have been brought up and tested, but only one seems to hold water and be true. That is the theory that Mo eggs are disguised as other eggs. Many people have reported their Mo eggs came to them in the guise of another egg (ex. Honk, Yamamagan, etc.) so if you want a Mo egg, it is best that you adopt every egg you come across in the Cave. Mo eggs take 2,000 views to get to hatch into a Mo chick and 6,000 views to get to their second (final) stage.

As version 2 of eggcave is being beta tested, Mos have start to become undisguised in the cave, appearing as their true form