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Garguaith is a plant-like creature that resembles a Venus Flytrap, with 2 red flowers and thorny vines. The egg is green with dark green spots, thorny vine-like and leaf-like designs, and 2 flowers.


Garguaiths are a dangerous species of mutated plants that grow toward the middle of Ark's most overgrown areas. How Garguaith eggs arrive in the Egg Cave is a mystery. Some say "Maestro Garguaith" lives deep within the Egg Cave, but all who have ventured far back into the cave to investigate this have never returned. There is a long time species rivalry between Flors and Garguaiths; for some odd reason, both seem to want to occupy Ark City.


Garguaith eggs need 600 views to hatch, then to evolve, need to double this to 1200 views.

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