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Flor is a rose-like creature with pink wings and a leafy skirt. The egg is green with a pinkish flower figure at the top that has a round, green root. Green leaf designs are around.


Flor eggs have an irresistible aroma; its smell is almost therapeutic. Flor eggs grow on a species of plant that can only grow in the Egg Cave, which is why they are found there. Flor have an even more irresistible aroma after they are hatched. During the beginning stages of the Flor life, its aroma is relatively strong, sometimes causing headaches due to its thick concentration in the air. By stage 2, the aroma becomes more manageable. However, by stage 3 of the Flor's life, cells begin to differentiate in the Flor's body, creating a new gland in the flower petals that give Flor the ability to release an aroma that puts all surrounding it (within a 1 mile radius) to sleep.


Flor eggs take 300 clicks to hatch, 500 clicks to their second stage, and 750 clicks to their third stage.