Mysteries of Egg Cave Wiki




Diablos are something between a snake and a dragon. They have yellow coverings and pink scales with a slight blue at the tip. Diabloses were released the 27th of July 2009.


Diabloses are innately deceptive, and always speak twisted truth. They find pleasure in leading people on, smooth-talking them, and presenting information in such a way that is more appealing than the truth. Diablos were once beautiful creatures, but the Summoner cursed them when he saw their deceptiveness and depravity. When Diablos eggs are held in the hands of humans, humans are strongly prone to lying. It's almost as if the very eggs themselves destroy the truth within a human. Thankfully, when Diablos eggs are put down and are no longer touched, humans regain their composure and don't excessively lie.


Diablos are a little bit of a challenge to hatch. They need 2,500 views for their first stage and another thousand for the adult stage.