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The feather

Calla is an unknown creature. According to the archives, Callas have one evolution, but the requirements are unknown. Calla eggs are brown with a white stripe, with a pair of small wings on the side. On November 11, 2009, a feather said to closely resemble a Calla was found by the Science and Research Center. The center is currently working on genetically reconstructing a Calla from the feather's DNA through public funding.



Acquisition and Requirements[]


In order to obtain a Calla, one must first make 100,000 EC from feeding creatures and eggs. Once one has the 100,000 EC, they must then go to the Science And Research Center in the "Calla Reconstruction Labs" section. There Cathy will ask what you wish to name your Calla. Once you name your Calla, you purchase it. Congradulations, you now have your very own Calla egg.

WARNING: You can only buy ONE (1) Calla egg per user, even if you traded your egg away, you can not purchase another.


A Calla takes 15,000 views to hatch into it's final form.


Calla are said to be loyal only to the first person they lay eyes on.



Calla eggs are regually shaped, unlike Onny eggs,

Calla Egg

that are brown with a thick white streak in the middle. The egg has two small dark brown marks at the bottom on either side of the white streak that resemble nostrals. There are two white wings on the sides of the egg that start about half way through the egg's length. The top of the egg has darker, feather-like, marks on the white streak with two small diamonds under nearth them as well as dark feather-like markings outside of the streak on both sides that end at the top of the wings.

Fully Evolved[]

Calla are horse-like creatures who are primarily brown in coloration. Their chests and fore-arms are covered in was appears to

Fully Evolved Calla

be feathers while the rest of the body is soft hair. The mane of a Calla is made up of black-ish feathers while the tail is black hair which reaches their knees. The lower half of their limbs fade to black which meets claws (on the front legs) and hoves (on the back legs). They have a single white steak down the front of their face, in between their small blue eyes, that matches the two pure white wings that jutt out from their shoulders.