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Balrogipuwet is a black, sheep-like, mysterious creature that was only available through The Mystery of Ghosty Plot in October 2009. It was later re-released in the Cash Shop Park in July of 2011. Balrogipuwet eggs feature swirls of black horns surrounded by black, fog-like air.


Balrogipuwet was an accidental discovery of Arkians. It all started around Halloween 2009, when a mysterious creature called the Ghosty started haunting Ark citizens. Its existence was denied by the Science and Research Center. Ghosty felt rejected and knew that his discovery of Balrogipuwet would not be acknowledged, so he haunted Ark citizens and gave them clues about this new species, thinking that the Science and Research Center would certainly acknowledge a human's discovery. After the amazing discovery of this species, the only thing Arkians could talk about was their interactions with Ghosty and how he helped, which led to the Science and Research Center's retraction of their original statement; they apologized and now acknowledge the existence of ghosts. Only 251 Balrogipuwets were released, since that was the number of the Arkians who were able to solve The Mystery of Ghosty Plot.


Balrogipuwets are one of the hardest eggs to hatch and evolve. First, they need 500 feeds to hatch, then another 500 feeds to evolve, and at last 500 more feeds to reach their full evolution.