Alkub 1.png

Egg stage Alkub.

Obtained From


Population Index

12th of 350


Northern Plains


0.70 m


50.00 kg




The Alkub is currently available in the Cave.

Alkub Eggs

If you put your ear up to an Alkub egg and listen very carefully, you can hear the purring sound of the baby Alkub. The sad part is, once the Alkub is hatched, that purring noise is extremely annoying until it's fully matured as an Alkub.

More About the Alkub

Alkub are the most gentle beast in Ark. They are frequently found roaming in the Northern Plains, near the entrance of the Egg Cave. Baby Alkub have a very annoying growling and purring sound, but a fully mature Alkub is a force to be reckoned with.

Hatching Alkub Eggs

Alkub eggs require feeds to hatch.

Alkub 2.png
After 150 feeds
Alkub 4.png
After 500 feeds
Alkub 3.png
After 300 feeds
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