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About Adiped Eggs[]

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for September 2015.

A very thick layer of blubber encases Adiped eggs, ensuring that any heat loss is at an absolute minimum. Efficient heat retention is critical for an Adiped egg to endure the frigid waters of Southern Ark.

Blubber harvested from Adiped eggs has been used by ancient civilizations both as a high-energy food source and as a means to obtaining oil. This practice has long since been abandoned by Arkians in the modern age.

More About the Adiped[]

The Adiped species is immensely social as a whole, forming colonies that can easily reach into the hundreds, if not thousands. It is not an uncommon sight to witness a colony of Adipeds stretching across the shoreline of Southern Ark in order to sunbathe or socialize, especially during the species' mating season.

Research conducted by the Science and Research Center has deduced that the sheer density of lipids present in their blubber greatly contributes to its heat-retaining efficiency, making it so that there has yet to be a species discovered that retains heat quite as well as an Adiped.

Hatching Adiped Eggs[]

Adiped eggs require feeds to evolve.

100 feeds

300 feeds

200 feeds

Other Info[]

Description written by Meteoroid.